1-2-3-6 Online Craps Strategy

1-2-3-6 Online Craps Strategy

Intuition, black magic, predictions… Online craps allow you to eat caviar on luck… every day. However, some risk applied to get champagne as well. Golden as the sun and sparkling as your festive mood.

Just forget about placing your craps bets at random. There is some system. And even not one. By the end of this articles you will learn the system that allows you to win up to 10 units risking two units only. Quite tempting combination, isn’t it?

First of all, you should know that this betting system is for small budget players. High rollers are not accepted. It is safe, smart and, well, damn sexy strategy applies to cautious players who cares about their health and play to stir their imagination and deep emotions. To feel alive even the darkest day. If you do, start playing online craps with the following strategy applied. You’ll like it!

How to Win

Craps Betting System

Using this craps system, you start your bet with 1 unit. Just stick to the numbers!! If you win, you should add extra two units to your next bet. Thus, the next bet size should be 3 units.

If you win the next hand as well, the total amount will be 6 units. Now you should remove 4 units from the table and bet 2 units. The last bet within a round is 6 units. If you win it you will have 14 units profit. That’s it!!

However, you should know that to win all the time is not possible. All in all, dice know no mercy… even for the luckiest one.

However, 1-2-3-6 betting system also allows you to minimize your losses. For example, if you lose your first bet you will be just 1 unit down. If you win the first bet, but lose the second – you will lose just 2 units out of 3. Anyway, it helps you to manage your bankroll and play with small budget.

Of course, it doesn’t present you exciting emotions to risk everything like the Martingale system does, but still you will play steadily with your own cautious pace to the wins.

To play craps online without any strategy at all may seem boring and not so profitable. You just rely on luck and intuition. Well, of course, you can place your bets choosing the numbers in accordance with your mood, horoscope or weather, but to choose your bets amount placed is better with smart strategies.

Moreover, there are also some craps rules concerning the right bets placed. For example, when you should place Big 6 or Big 8, why you should avoid some bets and how to know the necessary time to make smart bets and rely on sure win. All this information you can read browsing our site. Hope it helps you to make your free time fantastic… while craps seems to be the best games for you ever.