Craps Tournaments to Feel Sexy

Craps Tournaments – How to Win

Online craps tournaments allow you to play against the other players, not the house. It can be much more exciting and hazardous.

Now you compete with others, you need to BE the FIRST!

Luck is not the only thing that helps you this time. You need to know some betting strategies, keep an eye on your rivals and play smart to feel the pure joy of victory.

Today there are plenty of online casinos offer you to take part in their craps tournaments. Sometimes there are different rules applied, different prize pools offered. Here are several things you need to consider before joining some or another tournament.

Entry Fees

There are different tournament types depending on the required actions to join them. Thus, you can play

  • Buy-In
  • Freerolls

The first type requires some sum to be spent to participate. Usually, it is not too big sum – $20 or $50. Of course, you can find the craps online casinos that ask for entries equal to $100 or $1,000. Well, if you suppose that it is worth it, then GO AHEAD! If not, look for Free Entries.

Usually, Freerolls are presented as a part of some promotion. You also can get Free Entries to some breathtaking tournament as a part of your Welcome Bonus. Note that the prizes also differ depending on the entry fees applied. The higher entry fee, the higher is the prize. Sometimes it can be up to several thousands of dollars. Isn’t it tempting?

Time Limit

Check the event duration to be sure you have enough patience and time to play and win. Some tournaments can finish in an hour, others can last for more than one day. Choose what type is the best for you and play to your heart content. You also can try both types to check the difference and compare to choose the best. For you specially.

How to Play

Craps Tournaments

Check what are the tournament rules. If you play big tournament, check whether it is divided into several rounds. How can it be? Well, let’s say you are playing craps tournament with rounds. Every round has its winner.

It is like a small contest that will lead your way to big tourney. If you win the first round, you continue playing the second, etc.

You should learn the craps rules carefully. Just because they can differ for every tournament as well as for every round. For example, some tournaments require you to play place Pass/Don’t Pass bet on each play.

Others ask to show your chips so that other players know your budget. Some tournaments has limitations concerning the best made. There are plenty of different rules to note. So, check them ahead.

Your Opponents Strategy

Don’t forget – you are playing against other players. You need to keep an eye on their steps to make smart decisions.

First of all, you should determine aggressive and conservative players. How? Well, it is simple. The aggressive players adore Hardways and Proposition bets. The conservative, as you may guess, prefer Pass/Come bets with max odds. Try to be ahead form this crowd. Make some unexpected decisions. Don’t stick to some craps strategy only. Be aggressive as well!! Sometimes it is the only way to win.