5 Tips to Win Craps Online

Tips to Win Craps

Hazardous craps seems to be a game of pure luck. However, there are several strategies that help you to win, increase your funds and continue playing for a long while. Make your gambling experience more enjoyable and much more profitable with various craps systems.

Here are some some specific strategies to win craps online. Keep calm, learn these basic principles and play to your heart content.

1. Pass or Don’t Pass

To pass or not to pass. Here is the question. Let’s check the odds to compare and choose the best. The Pass Line seems to be the best option to place opening bet. Its house edge is 1.41% that is quite good. However, Don’t Pass has even better odds. Its house edge is 1.36%.

The good thing is that you play craps online with no envy players around. You win when everyone loses and you don’t care. Just take your wins with better odds to appreciate.

2. Betting the Odds

Craps Strategy

When you place a Pass Line bet and establish the Point, you need to place an Odds bet. In this case you wager that the Point will roll again before you get a 7. The house edge now depends on the maximum odds of the table. There are some craps games with the odds at 2x. You also can find craps online games with 100x odds. This amount indicates the multiplier to increase your original Pass Line Bet.

If the odds is 2x, you are playing with a house edge of 0.61%. When you play with the 100x odds, the house edge is 0.02%. Seems to be quite tempting. Just find such games with such great odds.

3. Big 6 & Big 8

The house edge of this bets is 9.1%. Well, it can be called the worst bets ever. If you want to place such a bet before the Point, you should Place Bet on 6 or 8. In this case it pays 23 to 21 that is slightly better than a Big 6/8 bet. Anyway, such bet is not recommended.

4. Avoid Hard 4 & Hard 10

Such bets are absolute waste… of your money and time. With the house edge exceeding 11% you will play on the casino advantage. Of course, the payout seems to be really impressive, but the odds are terrible anyway.

5. Any Sevens

Sometimes it seems that 7 will never come to bring you some prize. That’s why we are sure it will definitely come the next roll. You can be right. It can be true and such a bet can be quite advantageous. Just don’t place your cash on Any Sevens.

We offer you to place 3 separate bets on each Hardway 7 (2+5, 1+6 and 3+4). Even if you lose your wagering on two of these Hardway 7s bet you will win more than Any Sevens bet. Just play smart to play long and make some profit.