Craps Tips for Beginners

Craps Tips for Beginners

As any gambling game, craps has some basic rules to follow. Read them to avoid disappointment and stay cool-headed even if luck blinds you with its presents. You should note that hazard and money-making not always hand-in-hand. Choose the craps strategy in accordance with your character, mood, style of play and goals. Here we offer you some basic facts that are very useful for beginners.

You Always Can Lose

Luck is a very capricious sometimes. Just take as much money as you can afford to spend on your free time. Gambling is like a bar of chocolate. You buy it, eat, enjoy… but never spent all your salary to find the best one. Manage your money wisely when you understand that win is as possible as lost. Don’t be a total loser.

Set to Some Craps Strategy

There are plenty of strategies to win craps, however, you also can master your own one. Just note what wagers bring you much money, when you should increase or decrease your bet. You find your own way to win craps only after getting all the ups and downs of this game. Only then you should try and create your own strategy.

To get the true value of your strategy, you should play constantly. Don’t forget that only long run play bring real results. Only then you can make a conclusion that this is a real system, but not just pure luck.

Set Your Goals

Craps Strategy

Your game should always have some aim. If you play for joy, you should not risk and play with minimum wagers only. For example, such wagers as Come/Pass Line or Don’t Pass/Don’t Come will be the best. In this case your advantage over the online craps casino will be unquestionable.

If you want to profit and get the best top jackpots, you should play with the maximum wagers possible. The higher risks, the better chances to win. To feel pure hazard you should play doubles, odds and any seven.

Bankroll Management

The most important rule for any craps player is to double the wager only if you win. When there are constant losses you should decrease your wagers. Some players may suppose that such strategy is absurd. However, the main aim while playing craps is to save your budget till the luck smiles at you.

Stick to One System Only

If the choice is made, stick to it. Be conservative and play with low wagers at minimum risk. For example, you can wager Pass Line and add Odds.

If you like exciting emotions, play with Don’t Pass wager with various extra bets to help you. Of course, you can try different strategies to win craps. The rule is to stick to one system within one game. Otherwise, you just have no time, no opportunity to check how it works… and whether it works at all.