Tips to Choose the Best Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy

Craps is really an old game. Hundreds of years are spent to reveal its mystery. To try and find the best strategies to win craps. The magic combination of numbers chosen, money wagered and prizes won. Only Lord decides when you get a 7, but still there are some ways to make it happen more faster. More often.

The other thing is to choose the craps strategy that really works. To choose at once. Because otherwise you can spend ages to try all the systems offered and decide what is the best for you. Here is the instruction how to make your choice easier and smarter. However, it is necessary to play craps online using some or another strategy. Play for a long while. Because, only time and persistence will determine the lucky winner. The lucky you.

Basic Rules – the First Step to Your Win

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. This time you should not rely on such a statement. Learn all the rules attentively to know all the pros and cons of craps, all its winning combinations to be prepared. As they say, β€œthe young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions”. Wait for the exeptions called luck when all the smart steps are already made.

Don’t Come Strategy

Safe Craps Strategies

Try this basic craps strategy to taste victory. How does it work? For example, the point is 6. You should place $10 bet on the Don’t Pass Line. You also place another $10 on the Don’t Come Box as well as $10 on the Odds.

Let’s see what your chances are. If you get a roll of dice equal to 7, you lose $10 placed on the Don’t Come bet. At the same time you win $20 for your Don’t Pass bet. In other words, you need to make a win on 7 rolled unquestionable. Otherwise, you just break even.

Play 3 and Out

Using this strategy you should place a bet on every number except 7. In other words, if 7 comes too early, that would be a loss. Obviously, you win every time the other numbers appear. Anyway, that is not a long-term strategy. You should choose some other bets to place after the third roll of dice. If believe the mathematical probability you can expect 7 appearing within six rolls. Magic numbers. We do believe in them.

Safe Craps Strategies

Iron cross system, Martingale system, Pass Line and Odds Bets. There are too many strategies to try and find the best. It is better to read about them. To decide whether such game style is the best for you. For example, the Martingale system requires to place high bets and constantly increase your wagers in case you lose. Such strategy may seem rather risky for some players.

Iron system is quite popular, because it is simple and requires only two types of bets placed. However, it has too high house edge – 3.87%. Clearly, all systems has its advantages and drawbacks. Your task is to try and choose best. Our task is to help you. Hope everything is in right places.