Craps Tricks – the Dawn of Legends

Craps Myths

A roll of a dice is in Lord’s hands and, perhaps, that’s why online craps has so many legends as any other gambling game ever. I always wonder how all these things help you to trick the online casino and get the best prizes.

Well, now the myths are revealed with our article. You can agree or say that all this is bullshit. Anyway, you do believe in all this crap… and sometimes it really works. Because you TRULY believe.

1. Virgins are the Luckiest

Well, that are not THAT virgins you think about. These are people who have never played online craps. Their first game session is the luckiest one. They are not greedy and just enjoy the game. They don’t know any online craps strategy and just roll dice passionately with only intuition helps them to win. You may believe it or not. Just try to frost all the shadows. Don’t forget that only women are lucky. No men included.

2. Numbers 7 and 11 are Lucky

These numbers just can win the come-out roll. Nothing more. To be precise, these are the worst bets in comparison with other bet. Any bet. So, they are not lucky at all. Just numbers. Don’t overestimate.

3. The First Player at the Table Has the Best Luck

If you do believe in this crap, to find out whether you are the first player with online craps is rather difficult. You can convince yourself that you are not the one, but we have even better method. The odds are the same for all. Whether you are the first or the 200th player. Learn some strategy before blaming your luck.

4. Don’t Pass or Don’t Come Bets Brings 7 Rolled

Craps Tricks to Win

Betting against the player with hope to get 7 for sure are truly ridiculous. Dice knows nothing about you, your bets and outcome. And it really doesn’t care. All you should remember is that dice rolls at random. Nothing more. Nothing less. Try some other strategy to make 7 appear.

5. Women are Luckier than Men

Well, they really do. But not in craps. Just because dice have no idea who is shooting this time. Whether it is a pretty-sweety women with gentle-like-violets hands or a creepy-smoking-cigar guy. Dice doesn’t care. So don’t stop playing craps only because you’re a man.

6. Online Craps is Worse that Land-Based Craps

Clearly, there are several advantages of online craps over land-based games. Of course, these are costs on hotel, tickets and other stuff including your time. With online craps there is no need to look stylish as ace or buy expensive drinks to make your mood better. Make a cup of hot fierce coffee, sip gently sitting in your pyjamas. Relax to invite luck into your game session by clicking Play button. That’s it.

7. Mention Number 7 and It is Rolled

Number 7. Mention, say, scream or sing. Whatever. It doesn’t appear. The dice has no ears. No sense of humor. There are 6 ways when 7 can be rolled. Just try to catch these combinations. Nothing more. No saying 7 aloud. No prays.