Collect, Press, Regress – Craps Strategy to Win

Craps Strategy to Win

One who doesn’t throw the dice can never expect to score a six.

Just keep trying to get the best roll of a dice. It is all about luck, but still some strategies can be applied. For example, you can try CPR craps system. It is the abbreviation of three words: Collect, Press, Regress. Well, everything is clear from its name, but still let’s find out the moment when you need to go to the next stage.

This craps system to win is simple enough. Even beginners will appreciate it. There is no need to be a mathematician genius or have phenomenal memory. It really works and craps pros adore it. This system allows you to play with very small budget… and even improve it. Trick the Fortuna and play online craps the whole evening.

How it Works

Here are three simple rules of CPR strategy:

For example, lets take Win bet when you wager $6 on the number 8. To win you need get 8 earlier than 7. The payout is 7:6. Let’s see what is next.

  • Collect. Wait till you win. Wait patiently. As soon as you win take your win and leave your wager on the same number. This is the first step – Collect. Now you are $1 ahead. If the next time luck turns away and you lose, you still have $1 in your pocket.
  • Press. If you win the next time, it is high time to increase your bet. Double your wager. Now with two winning rounds you have $2 won. Don’t forget that you have $12 on the table. So, what’s next?
  • Regress. If you win again, take your $20 away ($14 won and half the previous wager). Leave $6 and continue playing. Your profit is $22.

Time for the Next Step

CPR Craps Strategy

What to do next? Start again. Win at first, then win gain, double your wager, and when win again, return to Collect stage. That’s the way CPR strategy works. This strategy allows you to play for a long while with small wins with your wager left on the table. You will lose if you are really really unlucky man. Rely chance and leave your game with some profit. CPR strategy helps you a lot.

Just be patient, wait for the right moment and try to play smart. Of course, there are some craps games that seem to require other strategies to apply. But don’t be in a hurry. Just check this strategy with our craps games list to feel the nerve of the craps game. To feel when it is high time to stop or continue winning. But don’t be too persistent in your desire to win. Let the game show its pass to you. To feel and take advantage of.

Of course, you should not believe that CPR system bring you wins only. Dice roll unpredictably. Without any guarantees. This system just helps you to organize your wagers with the maximum profit to get. Everything else depends on your luck only.